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CYGYC has built an enviable reputation since 1970 as an innovative company that develops and produces high quality detergents, disinfectants, and other ancillary products, and specialty chemicals for the brewing, dairy industry, "foods process", and especially by the hospitality and institutional markets.

So from the original and founding the brewery sector industrial detergents in 1970, it was spreading the activity of the company to the rest of the food industry. From the eighties, it starts the Institutional Division, which in a short time through the dealer network is created, reaches a leading position in sales of CYGYC INDUSTRIA QUIMICA, S.A The last line business started it has been related to sanitation in the world in the Agricultural Industry, from the nineties.

Within these sectors, the trademark "OXA" has consolidated the position of its products as a benchmark of quality always accompanied by service to the dealer and the customer, and the constant pursuit of technological innovation and environmental care.

The company motto "CLEAN TECHNOLOGY" expresses our will.

In "OXA Products", the result of the changing times, has placed its business scope also in foreign markets, not only in the European Union, Latin America, Maghreb, Middle East and emerging Europe are the target of their efforts, consolidating positions either directly or by establishing agreements with partners and local businesses.