OXA - 208

Brand: OXA


Lubricant based on fatty acid, sequestrants, and surfactants.

- Slightly alkaline liquid.
- Facilitates the sliding of the bottles.
- Provides a gentle cleansing action, maintaining clean and shiny conveyor chains.
- Prevents excessive foaming, even during accumulation, making it well suited for electronic installations inspectors.
- Inhibits corrosion due to its special formulation.
- 2% pH: min. 10.2
- Density: 1.03g / ml.
- Power of kidnapping 1%: 10ºHF

Product suitable for use in food industry.
Biodegradable product complies with EC Regulation No. 648/2004 on detergents.

Ref. 103023   25 Kg.
Ref. 103032  60 Kg.
Ref. 103025  200 Kg.
Ref. 103029  1000 Kg.

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