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OXA - BRILLOMAX ENZ has been specifically formulated to work in combination with our enzymatic product OXA-DUROMAX ENZ. By NOT being an acid product, it guarantees the stability of the enzymes, and an optimum washing pH. Its special characteristics offer the solution of rinsing a low surface tension and interfacial which combined with its great power hidrofugante allows fast and without traces of the dishes. The presence of sequestrants, allows to avoid calcareous incrustations both in the dishes and
in the washing machine.


OXA - BRILLOMAX ENZ is a product specially designed to be added to rinse water in industrial dishwashing machines. It is advisable to use it in combination with OXA-DUROMAX ENZ.

Ref. 141097 10 Kg.
Ref. 141098 20 Kg.

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