Brand: OXA


OXA - LITEX ENZ is completely free of mineral salts and phosphates. Is a neutral product which makes it compatible with any type of fabric: Cotton,  white  and dyed, linen, wool, silk, acrylic and polyester.

OXA - LITEX ENZ shows a high cleaning performance and its special features:  does not alter the colors neither leaves limescale deposits therein. Its foaming power is moderate, being suitable for any type of washing machine; domestic or industrial.


OXA - LITEX ENZ is suitable especially in professional laundry Hotels, Residences and Institutions in general.

Allows to wash any kind of cloth, both white and color: Sheets, towels, tablecloths, bedspreads, blankets, curtains and customer clothing.

It has been designed to be automatically added to the washing machine by suitable dispensers.

Ref. 144056   5 Kg.
Ref. 144041  10 Kg.
Ref. 144040  25 Kg.
Ref. 144050   200 Kg.

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