Brand: OXA


Disinfectant liquid product formulated with iodinated povidone, anti-drip thickeners, emollients and pH correctors for post-milking topical treatment.

OXA - IOD is a protective and aseptic viscous liquid product which, when applied on the nipple, produces a protective film against dirt and microorganisms and helps seal the nipple.
Softeners contained condition the skin avoiding irritations which can lead to diseases.

Special product for the Livestock industry.
It is used after each milking as an alternative to using chlorhexidine level to prevent infections of the mammary glands of cows, sheep, goats, etc. It also acts as sole protector and sealer teat sphincter.

Ref. 106030   10 Kg. 
Ref. 106005   20 Kg.
Ref. 106013    200 Kg. 
Ref. 106022   1000 Kg. 

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