08/07/16: One for all: OXA-MULTITAKS CONC.

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Concentrated products are useful: They take up less space, easier to control consumption and are more economical.

OXA - MULTITASK CONC is a concentrate for cleaning nonporous surfaces that finds application in various sectors such as the food industry, institutional and household cleaning multipurpose cleaning product.
Thanks to its special composition allows use in industrial refrigerators where conventional products can not be applied due to the high amount of water incorporated in their formulations.

How to use:

Food industry
Apply pure or diluted to 50% on the surface to be cleaned and rub vigorously with a brush product.
institutional and housekeeping cleaning
Apply the product diluted to 5% in water (preferably distilled to avoid leaving traces of lime at the time of application) and sprayed directly onto the surface to be cleaned, rub with a cloth or paper towel to dry the product.