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                                                                             Quality and Environmental Policy

 "Achieve the confidence of our customers, meeting their expectations in relation to our Products and services while we work for the protection of the Environment"

To achieve this confidence, we will focus on the following fundamental aspects:

- Implement and promote, at all organizational levels, the quality management system and the environment, as a fundamental element to ensure the level of quality and protection of the environment.

- Base the operation of the processes in the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle so that there is continuous monitoring of performance for continuous improvement.

- Definition of targets and annual indicators for CYGYC INDÚSTRIA QUÍMICA, S.A.  and its monitoring by the system and management leaders.

- Correct and precise definition of the processes to be followed in all organizational units.

- Correct definition of the responsibilities, functions and relationships between the personnel that performs, directs and verifies any work that affects the Quality of the service and the Environment.

- Definition and compliance with all legal and other requirements applicable to our activity.

- Ensure the maintenance of the correct traceability in our processes and our products.

- Analysis and evaluation of risks in the different processes.

- Analysis and management of observed deviations with corrective intent.

- Eliminate, reduce or control the significant environmental aspects associated with the company's activities, considering the product life cycle, carrying out a periodic review of these aspects.

- Establish the mechanisms to detect the needs and the satisfaction of the interested parties, through a constant communication.


With the Quality Management System (UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015) and the Environment (UNE-EN-ISO 14001: 2015) we want to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, efficiency and better management of available resources. , In this way, to be prepared to face the changes that occur in our economic environment transforming them into opportunities.