Brand: OXA


Slightly alkaline liquid formulated with nonionic surfactants, dispersants and quaternary ammoniums (4.5% didecyldimethyl ammonium chloride).


OXA - BACTERDET PLUS is a moderate alkalinity detergent with a high cleaning power and that incorporates products with a broad spectrum microbicidal action.
It easily removes accumulations of difficult dirt without attacking any type of surface due to its slightly alkaline character.

OXA - BACTERDET PLUS at a concentration of 4% is effective as a bactericidal disinfectant and destroys bacteria that produce bad odors in the environment.
Diluted at 5% it is also effective as a fungicidal and virucidal disinfectant.


OXA - BACTERDET PLUS has been formulated as a multipurpose detergent and disinfectant, useful to be used in:

Floors of residences, hotels, schools, etc.
Surfaces of all kinds in saunas, gyms, changing rooms and bathrooms of all kinds of communities.
Bad smells of all kinds, such as garbage containers and poorly ventilated areas.
Its use is recommended for the interiors of transport vehicles.

How to use:

OXA - BACTERDET PLUS can be applied manually, using a mop on floors and a clean damp cloth. Also using rotary floor scrubbing machines and pressure lances. As it is a concentrated product, it can be used at doses that can range from 4 to 5% in aqueous solution, depending on the degree of dirt and the surface to be disinfected.


✓ Floors, tiles and ceramics: use 4% doses.
✓ Furniture, blinds and other surfaces: use 5% doses.
✓ Containers, vehicles, etc. with heavy dirt .: use doses of 4 to 8%.

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