Brand: OXA


Neutral liquid product formula based on an optimized blend of anionics, nonionic surfactants and fragrances.

OXA - FLOR is a concentrated neutral detergent product specially formulated for cleaning floors and, in general, all kinds of surfaces.
OXA - FLOR provides the aqueous solution in which is applied a low surface and interfacial tension, as well as a high detergent, degreasing and soil dispersing action.
After its application leaves a pleasant residual fragrance, with an air freshener effect.
Under normal conditions of use, it does not attack any kind of material, not even the paintings.
OXA - FLOR is fully soluble in water, easy to apply and provides a recoverable shine on the surfaces on which is applied. It leaves no trace.

Ref. 140052   5Kg.
Ref. 140044  10 Kg.
Ref. 140045  25 Kg.

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