Brand: OXA


OXA - FORZA is multipurpose degreaser that can be used on all types of surfaces and for different applications:

Stove, countertops, kitchen drawers etc.
Appliances and cookware.
Fans, exhaust fans and vents.
Tiled walls or tiles.
Drivers air conditioning.
Air conditioning ducts.
Formica surfaces, linoleum, imitation leather, plastic, etc.
Clothing (directly on clothes before washing process)
Automobile tires

OXA - FORZA is used pure, applied on the surface to be treated, leaving it a few seconds and remove with a damp cloth. About clothing should be applied in conflict zones such as collars and cuffs or apply a general jet wash.

* Spray not included

Ref. 142032   (12 x 1 Kg) 

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