Brand: OXA


Liquid product formulated from nonionic surfactants.

OXA - EMULGRAS is a product specially formulated for the elimination of difficult stains in white and colored clothes produced by petroleum jelly, oils, greases, etc.
OXA - EMULGRAS can be used in the washing of all types of fabrics, in both white and colored garments, by adding it in each wash, the usual dose of the detergent product used can be reduced. It is recommended to carefully follow the washing instructions of the cloth.

OXA - EMULGRAS is effective at:

- Washing of short and long duration, especially in the washing of tablecloths of banquets, seafood, monkeys of mechanics, clothes of personnel of workshops, clothes of hospital, etc.
- Natural and synthetic fibers.
- It is suitable for washing in all types of water, both soft and hard.
- It is active in a very wide range of temperatures.
- At the recommended dosages and conditions of use, it produces very little foam.

Ref. 145065   5 Kg.
Ref. 145056  10 Kg.
Ref. 145039  25 Kg.
Ref. 145053  200 Kg.
Ref. 145044  1000 Kg.

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