Brand: OXA

Concentrated neutral detergent, formulated based on: soaps, non-ionic surfactants, sequestering agents, dispersant, enzymes and bleach activators.

OXA - COMPLET ENZ is a neutral product, totally free of phosphates. Its enzymes offer excellent results on blood stains, egg, milk, sauces, rice, chocolate, etc. The presence of activators optimizes the bleaching process, reducing the temperature washing, optimizing costs and extending the useful life of the fabric.

OXA - COMPLET ENZ finds its application especially in the professional laundry of Hotels, Residences and Institutions in general. Recommended especially for washing white clothes. It can also be used on colored clothes, as long as they do not exceed 50ºC. It has been designed to be automatically added to the washing machine using suitable dispensers.

144141  OXA - COMPLET ENZ 20 Kg.

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